The Experience Evolution

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How to Cater to the Human Element of Banking

  During the pandemic, customers found it critical to adopt online banking solutions. As a result, innovations accelerated in the banking industry. Now, technology is drivingnew trends in digital banking behaviors from customers who expect their online experience to match their in-branch experience. So, how do banks and credit unions maintain the human element in […]

Emerging Trends of the New Normal Shopper

With signs pointing towards a slowing of the pandemic, the spotlight is on the emerging trends and patterns taking hold in the era of the new normal shopper. To make sense of these trends and gain better knowledge and understanding of where retail will shift and what it needs to do to capitalize on new […]

Appointments Are a Key Business Investment in the Experience Economy

Businesses already recognized the importance of appointments as an experience driver for customers and prospects before the pandemic. Once the pandemic hit, however, the need and desire for appointments accelerated, and companies now see the ability to pre-book or schedule meetings as an integral part of providing personalized service to consumers. John Federman, CEO of […]

A JRNI through Experiential Relationship Management

JRNI is a platform for scheduling and managing personalized experiences for retail, banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. John Federman, JRNI’s CEO, helped kick off the inaugural episode of the The Experience Evolution with a conversation with host James Kent on how retail and financial industries can take their business to the next level […]