Volta Knowledge

Volta Knowledge is a podcast series that provides new ideas and thought leadership in Electrical Asset Health.


Volta Knowledge: Origins of Volta

Every great company has an origin story. Denis Kouroussis, Founder & CEO of Volta Insite, joined Tyler Kern to talk about the factors that led to the creation of Volta energy. But first, Kern wanted to learn a bit of Kouroussis’ personal origin story. Kouroussis describes himself as a tech geek from birth. He also […]

Volta Knowledge by Volta Insite: Automated Motor Monitoring for Critical Electrical Assets

A mechanical crisis is never something a business wants to deal with, yet it is probably something all businesses have experienced. George Galea, Vice President of Field Services for Volta Insite, joined Host Tyler Kern to discuss how automated monitoring of motors can alleviate the frantic rush for mechanical repairs. Now more than ever, predictive […]

Volta Knowledge: Electrical Asset Health

Darcy Tangedal, a Reliability Specialist at Volta Insite, stopped by Volta Knowledge to provide insights on electric submersible pumps. Tangedal said one of the main challenges with electric submersible pumps (ESPs) is that they don’t last long. “They operate somewhere between 450-800 degrees, and it’s a half a million dollars per install,” Tangedal said. “The […]