Social Selling

Our Social Sales and Marketing Platform is driving 500% improvements in content sharing, thought-leadership and social media engagement amongst sales and marketing teams.

Today, brands can reduce their reliance on paid channels and become their own publishers. MarketScale provides the content and the tools to make it possible.

  • Customer Enterprise Dashboards, branded for your company
  • Automated Leads Portal, delivering valuable visitor data by company
  • Industry segmentation reporting, measuring demand and engagement by industry, market, product and more
  • Social media analytics
  • Heatmaps and website session recording

Since the advent of social media marketing, brands have been using a backwards model, posting to their own social media and hoping others would engage. MarketScale has flipped the model, enabling stakeholders, such as sales and marketing teams to participate in social media marketing, expanding the reach from your company’s few thousand followers to millions within their collective networks.

And Sales and Marketing teams utilizing social selling are 50% more likely to increase their revenue performance.

LinkedIn alone has 467 million users, as the largest professional social network. Facebook has 1.79 billion active users while Twitter has 320 million active users. Our Social Selling platform helps you reach these users with your content, at scale. The largest source of organic traffic in the history of marketing awaits. What are you waiting for?

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