Technical Writing

Your buyers want to understand your products. 57% of the purchase decision is made before they even talk to you. MarketScale helps marketers create the technical content that helps companies communicate, educate and sell more product.

  • Client surveys and briefings to ensure industry and product specificity
  • Expertly written blog content
  • Industry whitepapers
  • Engaging Case Studies describing technical solutions and successful partnerships
  • Technical web copy. From industrial automation to healthcare, we’ve written it all

Why go Technical?

It’s true, creative and entertaining content often gets the initial clicks. But as buyers travel down the funnel, closer to the purchase, they want more specific technical information before they buy.

Cutting-edge products often have the highest sales costs because of information asymmetry, which exists when sellers know a lot more than buyers. MarketScale helps B2B marketers balance information asymmetry, improving lead-generation and reducing sales costs.

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