Thomas (TC) Riley

Senior Director of Data & Research Cariloop

Experienced Analytics, Technology, Product and Solutions leader with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing, media, software and financial services industries. Skilled in Executive Leadership, Data-Driven Analysis, Operations Management, Software Deployment and Administration, Vendor Management, Project Management, Marketing Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and more!

Bachelor of Arts - Economics 2010-2015
image-9 Leadership
operational Operations Management
business-analysis Data Analytics
data-managements Data Management
digital-marketing-1 Digital Marketing
community-develop Community Development

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Recent Posts

The Sleeping Giant of Data Privacy

May 26, 2021

The price users pay for consumer electronics is usually not the primary source of revenue for those that sell them. What’s most valuable is the data they collect on users. If companies can gather and monetize data, consumers get more affordable prices, and tech companies enjoy large profits. But what happens if data privacy regulations throttle this?

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Data Privacy Trends Shift

May 6, 2021

The data privacy battles are heating up, and many consumers are just now tuning in the discussion. That’s because Apple’s latest update will prompt users to opt-in to share data with third-party apps, marking significant changes to IDFA (ID for advertisers).

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A Ship in the Bank, A Hit to the Bank

April 7, 2021

The Ever Given will go down in infamy, and not in a good way. Its blockage of the Suez Canal further crippled supply chains already at their breaking points due to the pandemic. How could one incident have such an impact? It’s all clear when diving into the data, and that’s what host TC Riley does in this episode.

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Elevating Accuracy and Precision in Sports with Advanced Tech

March 24, 2021

Data revolutionized the way sports are played and watched, and new technology makes this process even more exact and innovative. Diving into Data is turning the spotlight on LiDAR and its applications in the world of sports.

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The Economies of Scale Behind Iconic Products

March 11, 2021

Diving into Data takes on the subject of economies of scale. Host TC Riley welcomed fellow Marketscale team member David Hidinger to discuss the data behind economies of scale. They looked at two unique use cases, beer and Girl Scout cookies.

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Trust but Verify: A Common Sense Approach to Data

February 24, 2021

Diving Into Data tackles a common and pivotal part of the data ecosystem—don’t trust it until verifying it. There are many approaches to take to ensure data accuracy. Additionally, even if data is accurate, that doesn’t mean it’s always applied correctly.

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The NFL Season by the Numbers

February 4, 2021

While stats have always been part of the NFL—teams, analysts, and fans are obsessed with the data and what it means. And so is Diving into Data host TC Riley. TC invited fellow football and data fan Tyler Kern to talk about crazy stats from the 2020 season and what they expect in the Super Bowl.

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Excelling in the New Year

January 7, 2021

Data drives decisions of the worlds largest companies but in a world with constant data, how do you make sense of it? Host TC Riley, puts the world under the lens of data and analytics and explores current news, B2B trends, and popular topics.

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An Unusual Lack of Data Will Impact Football for Years to Come

September 30, 2020

On this segment of Diving Into Data with host Thomas Riley, MarketScale Senior Director, Analytics, tackles a big topic, particularly in American life and culture – football. In particular, Riley explored how the sport is feeling the pain of the COVID-19 pandemic, which manifested itself in a variety of changes.

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It Takes A Village

December 17, 2020

Data drives decisions of the worlds largest companies but in a world with constant data, how do you make sense of it? Host TC Riley, puts the world under the lens of data and analytics and explores current news, B2B trends, and popular topics.

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Predicting the Unpredictable

September 30, 2020

TC Riley, host of Diving Into Data with TC Riley, shared his top tips and tricks that illustrate that AI and ML span many levels and that you don’t need experts to implement these techniques.

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Data is Dominating Wall Street

September 23, 2020

TC kicked off with a deep-dive into the recent data-centric boom on Wall Street. “There’s a data dominance going on. There’s a lot more data related things going on in the stock market than I think we’ve traditionally seen, especially as it relates to the companies themselves,” he said.

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The Guiding Light of Data: Diving Into Data

June 4, 2020

In this week's episode of Diving Into Data, we look at the use and sharing of data in a post-COVID world and how data practices, like all other industries/businesses/people/etc., have had to adapt during these challenging times.

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Diving Into Data: How the 'Elam Ending' Changed the NBA All Star Game

March 3, 2020

The NBA made big changes to the All Star Game format for 2020, introducing a new ending to the game called the "Elam Ending". How does this change the game and could it be instituted across the league one day? Find out what TC Riley and Tyler Kern think about it on this episode of Diving Into Data. 

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Diving Into Data: How the New XFL Rules Change the Calculations Made by Coaches

March 3, 2020

On this episode of Diving Into Data, TC Riley and Tyler Kern discuss the new rules introduced by the XFL and how they change the decision-making process for coaches.  Will coaches make data-driven decisions or will the employ the "go with the gut" mentality? Find out what TC thinks and much more on this episode of the show.

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Diving into Data: Using Data to Create Sports Ecosystems

November 7, 2019

Sports organizations have gotten increasingly smart about their use of data to build an ecosystem within their stadiums. This data allows for personalization and simplifies the customer experience. On this excerpt from Diving into Data, T.C. Riley explains how teams are accomplishing this and where this trend could be moving in the future.

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Diving Into Data: Did Major League Baseball Swap the Baseballs for the Postseason?

October 17, 2019

Did Major League Baseball switch out the baseballs being used between the regular season and postseason? A number of baseball fans, stats enthusiasts, and even the St. Louis Cardinals believe the answer to that question is yes.

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Business Services

Bringing Business Intelligence To The Masses

Raul Reyeszumeta - June 14, 2021

On this episode of Diving Into Data, Host Thomas Riley talked with Rob Nelson, CEO, Grow, a simple business intelligence (BI) software created specifically for growing companies. They are making BI accessible and affordable so that anyone can get answers unique to their business.

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