A Closer Look at Far UV-C

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Wendy Brady-Walling

Host & Global Marketing Director
Wendy Brady-Walling is the Global Marketing Director at Intellego Technologies and works closely with industry partners around in the US and around the world to make the benefits of germicidal Ultraviolet light VISIBLE. A frequent guest on Intellego’s channel, Making the Invisible Visible, Wendy will be moderating the discussion on Far UV-C and engaging the guests on the research, the effectiveness, and the applications of 222 nm – often described as the “safe form” of UV-C.

David Welch, Ph.D

Associate Research Scientist at the Center for Radiological Research, Columbia University Irving Medical Center
Dr. Welch is an Associate Research Scientist at the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Since joining Columbia University in 2013, Dr. Welch has participated in efforts to examine both the efficacy and safety of far-UVC radiation. The Columbia research team has demonstrated far-UVC inactivation of numerous viruses and bacteria on surfaces and while airborne. Safety studies to examine possible health hazards from both acute and chronic far-UVC exposures have also been explored. Dr. Welch has supported the experimental design and physics measurements throughout these studies. He is currently aiming to expand on our understanding of the specific health hazards from UVC wavelengths.

Jim Cosman

Independent Business Development Consultant
Jim Cosman is a highly skilled strategic marketer with extensive marketing and market development experience in the water industry. He has had in-depth involvement in the market development of three new UV disinfection water treatment technologies (Municipal Drinking Water, Ballast Water, UV LED). Jim spent 17 years at Trojan Technologies in a series of progressive marketing roles. While serving as the Market Manager for both the Municipal Drinking Water and Ballast Water Business Units, he translated a deep understanding of customers and end users into actionable strategy. In addition, as Regulatory Affairs Manager, he managed complex regulatory frameworks through his network of relationships. Jim recently served as the Business Development Director for Aquisense Technologies where he was responsible for global business development activities including generating and seeking out potential new opportunities including the evaluation of key application and priority verticals. Jim is currently an Independent Business Development Consultant providing advisory services to water treatment technology and Greentech companies. He is also a part time Professor teaching Strategic Marketing at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, Canada. Jim earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) from Bishops University in Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada and a Master of Business Administration from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He has authored and coauthored several published papers, has delivered numerous presentations at water conferences globally, and has made significant contributions working with regulatory agencies around the globe. He participated in the development of the USEPA UV Guidance Manual and has also served on the Canadian delegation to the International Maritime Organization.

Holger Claus

Vice President of Technology, Ushio America
Dr. Holger Claus is the Vice President of Technology at Ushio America Inc.. He holds a masters degree and PhD in lighting. Throughout his career he has developed and produced various kind of light sources, like fluorescent lamps, UV lamps, short arc Xenon, laser driven Xenon and super high pressure Mercury lamps, LED and laser products, and excimer lamps. He has extensive knowledge and experience of application related questions of these lamps including drivers, measurements and regulatory questions. Recently he has been leading the technical and regulatory efforts of Ushio America Inc. to introduce 222nm lamps into the scientific community and the market. He is a member of IUVA, IES, CIE and ASTM.
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