Building the Retail Experience for Brand Loyalty

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John Federman

As CEO, John Federman is responsible for the company's overall growth. Prior to JRNI, he served as CEO of Webcollage, the leading cloud-based content management platform for the publishing of rich product information. He also serves as an advisor to Boston-based Salsify and sits on the Board of New York’s Touchcode. He is a regular industry speaker and contributor about omnichannel, the customer journey, and eCommerce strategies. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Laura Davis-Taylor

Chief Strategy Officer, InReality
Laura has been focused on creating meaningful retail experiences that bridge home, life and store for over 20 years. Her experience is multifaceted, ranging across brand planning, digital engagement, store design and, more recently, next generation retail experience design and analytics. She believes passionately that good brands do not make promises — they deliver experiences in unique and compelling ways. Done right, it is this that builds irrational brand loyalty. With this philosophy, she has worked with brands such as AT&T, Toyota, Best Buy, Coke, L’Oréal/Lancôme, Lowe’s, Office Depot, Foot Locker, 7-Eleven, EJ Gallo and Unilever. Laura is an active industry speaker and contributor on the subject of digital experience design for outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Time Magazine, the MMA and MediaPost. She’s an ongoing contributor for Digital Signage Magazine and Retail TouchPoints, an executive board member of the Digital Signage Federation and her book, “Lighting up the Aisle: Practices and Principles for In-store Digital Media”, is the only existing resource for how retail brands can harness technology to reinvent their in-store experience.

Ned Hill

CEO, Position Imaging
Position Imaging is a pioneer in the development of advanced location tracking technologies used to improve process efficiency and the traceability of goods throughout the logistics chain. Ned Hill leads Position Imaging’s innovations as a forward thinker applying computer vision and advanced tracking technologies to today’s retail challenges such as Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS). He is the inventor or co-inventor of over 30 patents in technology areas including radio tracking and AI with a focus on computer vision and machine learning.

Derek Alley

Managing Director, VCC
VCC is a Top 100 contractor in the United States successfully completing projects across all product types in many scopes and sizes. One of our major initiatives is to expand globally with VCC's complete construction management expertise. We bring to the table our vast experience in General Contracting and Project/Construction Management that can greatly serve developers to ensure their projects are on-time and on-budget. With our proprietary "Endeavour" project management software, we can provide comprehensive support on pre-construction services, tender processes, design and cost analysis, materials expediting and purchasing, scheduling, quality surveying, et. al.
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