CurveBeam WBCT Informed Planning for Exactech Vantage Ankle PSI

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Dr. Mark Easley

Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeon, Duke University
I enjoy the challenge of helping patients with foot and ankle problems, including arthritis, tendon disorders or ruptures, and sports injuries. While my focus is my clinical practice, I keep my orthopaedic knowledge current by regularly participating as faculty in national and international orthopaedic foot and ankle conferences, conferences that frequently prompt me to bring advances to help the patients in my practice. I also continue to study many of the problems through dedicated foot and ankle research and share my clinical, surgical and research experience with national and international colleagues, the surgeons who attend the meetings, and the residents and fellows that I train each year.

Steve Norton

Sr. Product Development Engineer, Exactech
Steve Norton is an engineering manager of lower extremities at Exactech and has been with the company for five years. Before Exactech, his work focused on the areas of 3D printing research, hip and knee, and spine. Steve received his materials science engineering degree from the University of Michigan.

Greg Whitleigh

Product Manager, Exactech
Since 1985 Exactech has ascribed to a philosophy of empowerment and a belief in managing by values. We have always wanted to encourage and facilitate employees to be relatively independent— to use their talents and their expertise to help grow the business. We believed that if you establish your purpose and your values, then you can give people a lot of freedom to work within that framework.

Zach Wilczynski

Product Development Engineer, 3D Product Solutions
Detail-oriented, committed, and curious engineer with a desire to create high impact products and push the limits of current technology. Research and product development are my current passions, with experience in developing both pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
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