DisruptED: The Three Cousins of Learning

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Ron Stefanski

Executive Director of Partnerships, Centric Learning
As an educational evangelist, I came to an epiphany when a high school dropout killed my grandma in Detroit instead of going to school that day. It’s a moral imperative that we ensure a high quality learning experience is the birthright of every child. The consequences of falling short can otherwise be catastrophic. My colleague Dr. Caesar Mickens and I challenge the systems and status quo that limit the way we engage students on our new podcast, DisruptED. We hope to engage a coalition of the willing to make the systemic changes required to ensure that education is the ultimate game changer.

Dr. Caesar Mickens Jr.

Director of Professional Learning and Innovation
Dr. Mickens has worked over 40 years across education sectors as a public-school district administrator, college faculty member, workforce trainer, and program coordinator for both nonprofit and for-profit education providers. Dr. Mickens is presently the Director of Professional Learning and Innovation for Centric Learning. Centric Learning is a student-centered problem-based learning platform that currently provides educational services to students throughout the United States, Brazil, China, and Great Britain. He is also the Director of Early College Expansion for Jobs for the Future (JFF). In that position, he provides assistance to school districts, postsecondary institutions and community organizations nationwide in designing and implementing strategies that will effectively prepare all students for college and career pathways.

Julie Young

CEO, Arizona Prep Digital
Julie has been celebrated as an education disruptor for nearly three decades. She was the founding CEO and president of Florida Virtual School, the world’s first state-wide virtual school and one of the nation’s largest K-12 online education provider. When not leading international school programs, you’ll find her at the nearest beach with several golden retrievers.
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