Hardened vs Commercial: What makes sense for my building?

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Jim Toepper

Director of Products and Marketing, EtherWAN Systems Inc.
Software and hardware focused in many vertical markets mainly focused on urban infrastructure. Examples include Intelligent Transportation Systems, Natural Gas distribution, Water and Waste Water, Transit systems wayside and on board and smart cities. My greatest strength is the ability to boil a potentially complex concept down to its essence and show in a simple way why it is important to the audience. Specialties: Industrial Automation, Cellular and 802.11 wireless expertise, TCP/IP, Ethernet layer 2 and 3, network architecture, server room architecture, industrial networking, industrial protocols, network management, cyber security, SCADA, DCS, POS systems, medical device connectivity, serial, USB, TTL, digital and analog input and output technologies, OEM projects, oil, gas and electric utility infrastructure, ITS infrastructure, Product Marketing and Management.
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