How Growing Demand for Shipping & Logistics Will Drive Automation

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Amanda Dahshan

Senior Project Manager, Benda Manufacturing

Christopher Harlow

Director of Product Development, Realtime Robotics
Chris Harlow has over a decade's worth of experience in robotics, process control, and industrial manufacturing systems. He is currently the Global Product Manager for Realtime Robotics with a focus on rapid motion planning and safety certification of industrial robots. Before joining Realtime Robotics, Chris was a product manager and technical specialist with Bedrock Automation, where he developed and implement an innovative cyber secure industrial control system architecture. Chris has developed robotic solutions and control systems for a variety of industries including oil and gas both upstream and downstream, logistics, cryogenics, food and beverage, and commercial applications.

Andrew Jackson

Industry Sales Manager, Vecna
I'm passionate about the automation sector and automations abilities to re task and re tool the lives of human beings in every industry. I love solving challenges with customers, not for them, and empowering them to be able to identify, comprehend and take action when it is necessary. I believe that You'll never have a complete relationship with a client, unless that client feels that you've been there from start to finish with them. In that way, the truest satisfaction that comes with my job, is knowing when a client is also a friend who knows how far you'll go for them.

Mike Bush

Director of Brand & Communications, Marketing, Cargomatic
A 15+ year veteran of PR and marketing, Mike oversees comms and brand for Cargomatic, a FreightTech leader that connects shippers with capacity from more than 22k truck drivers. In his career, he's led comms initiatives for companies with more than $2BN in exits.
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