How Utilities Can Emerge from COVID-19 and Decrease Their Accounts Receivable

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Thom Majka

Director Business Development
Thom brings over 45 years of experience to his role at DebtNext Software. He has held multiple managerial level positions within the industry, starting with managing large collection operations for Receivable Management Services, a former Dun & Bradstreet partner company. Thom’s vast wealth of experience allows him and his team to offer a great deal of know-how to DebtNext clients in areas such as agency management strategies, technology solutions, and audits of third-party agencies and law firms. The DebtNext Consulting Group under Thom’s leadership has brought tremendous value to the DebtNext client servicing process. The Consulting Group has completed over 150 on-site Operational / Audit Reviews for clients in the financial, government, utility, and telecommunication industries. His education background includes a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado. Learn more about DebtNext at

Adam D’Amato

Senior Customer Operations Supervisor in Back Office Collections
Adam D’Amato is a Senior Customer Operations Supervisor in Back Office Collections at PSEG Long Island. His area of responsibilities includes; Bankruptcy, Damage Claims, Non-Utility Billing, Final Bill Collections, and Third Party Collection Agency oversight and management. He has been in this role for four years; previously he was a Customer Operations Analyst in Billing Projects and Systems. Prior to working at PSEG Long Island, he was a billing supervisor at an oil spill response company. Adam has his MBA from Molloy College and a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Economics from Binghamton University. Learn more about PSEG Long Island at

Karen Jonas

Senior Vice President of Business Development at IC System
Karen Jonas is IC System's Senior Vice President of Field Sales. Karen has been with IC System for 25 years. She started as a Consumer Financial Representative and progressed from there to Lead, Supervisor, Trainer, Operations Manager, Director of the St. Paul home office, Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Financial Services, and Vice President of National Accounts. Her experience, expertise, and ambition have been paramount in developing IC System markets such as Government, Utility, Telecom, and Financial Services. With her incredible track record and leadership, Karen's insight into the collection industry is essential to IC System's success. Learn more about IC System at
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