Keeping Remote Access Secure with Defense in Depth

The Secure Remote Access Platform. Red Lion, the exclusive North American partner for MB connect line GmbH, has launched a next-generation remote access solution that meets the most demanding security requirements of modern industrial applications. The Secure Remote Access Platform centralizes the management of routers, allowing customers to quickly respond to and act on their most crucial assets from anywhere, at any time. Our guest speaker will walk us through the features of this platform, including the Simply.Connect technology that enables the setup of routers in under two minutes, the RLConnect24 remote service portal for monitoring and managing deployed assets, and the RLDialUp client software for secure PC-to-asset connections. We'll also discuss the industrial-grade gateways with optional LAN, WAN, serial, USB, Wi-Fi or 4G LTE connectivity, and the RA10 compact industrial firewall for OT-cybersecurity. Don't miss this episode to learn how Red Lion's Secure Remote Access Platform can help reduce operational costs and downtime while improving response times for remote assets and sites.

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