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Dustin Seetoo

Director of Product Marketing, Premio Inc
Dustin is an avid technology advocate for enterprise businesses and specializes in crafting product marketing campaigns for industries focused in the hardware engineering, manufacturing, and deployment of industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, and x86 embedded and edge computing solutions. He is currently the Director of Product Marketing at Premio Inc, a global solutions provider dedicated to the engineering and deployment of computing technology from the edge to the cloud. For over 30 years, Premio Inc. has built a reputation for world-class computer engineering and scalable manufacturing in the USA for our industrial-grade computers. When he isn’t spearheading product marketing campaigns, he enjoys being outdoors by actively surfing, snowboarding, and hiking all throughout Los Angeles, CA.

Kevin Wu

Vice President of Manufacturing, Premio Inc
Kevin is currently the vice president for Manufacturing and Operation for Premio Inc. He is an accomplished and result-driven senior executive with proven success in directing vision, strategy, tactics and goal setting for the competition and continuous growth. Years of experience in establishing operational optimization and deploying a variety of innovative management techniques to maximize the team performance. Keen understanding of business priorities with demonstrated expertise in rapidly advancing business goals to revenue-producing activities.

Jennifer Bressler

Director of Americas Business Management Group, Intel
Jennifer Bressler is Director of Americas Customer Business Management within Intel’s Sales and Marketing Group. She leads the organization responsible for managing the outbound supply chain for customers based in the Americas, including account procurement relationships, forecasting market demand, tracking to key performance indicators, creating supply chain programs, and driving and executing pricing strategies. Prior to this role, Jennifer was Chief of Staff to the General Manager of the Worldwide Business Management Group. Jennifer joined Intel in 2000 and has held a number of positions across Intel operations including demand and supply management for CPUs, Chipsets, and Flash products, customer operations, and factory planning management. Jennifer received a bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems and earned an MBA in Finance, from California State University, Sacramento. She lives Fair Oaks, CA with her husband and two daughters.

From canal blockages to microchip shortages, the past year has shed light on holes in the supply chain and put a squeeze on industries far and wide. While key players have stayed successful by being nimble enough to overcome these obstacles, how much longer can manufacturers rely on being able to change course that quickly? The answer doesn’t lie in the warehouses and factories of overseas manufacturers. It’s right here at home. We’re hitting the road in search of America’s most interesting companies to answer one question: Why are you proud to be made or assembled in America? In this episode we visit Premio Inc. in Los Angeles, California a global solutions provider specializing in computing technology from the edge to the cloud.
Premio is a global solutions provider specializing in computing technology from the edge to the cloud. We design and manufacture highly reliable, world-class computing solutions for enterprises with complex, highly specialized requirements for over 30 years. Our engineering specialty and agile manufacturing push the technical boundaries in embedded IoT computers, rugged edge computers, HMI displays and HPC storage servers. Value-added services such as product development and designing, support and supply chain management, logistics are provided. Serves the airport security, industrial or factory automation, robotics and autonomous ADAS, kiosk machine, medical imaging analysis, mining, computing, NVR surveillance and vehicle fleet telematics industries. ISO 13485, 9001, 14001 NDAA/ TAA Compliant AWS & Azure Cloud Device Certified
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