The Five Most Underutilized Technologies in Vending

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Mike Weisser

CEO and President, SandenVendo
1996 was a big year for Mike. He celebrated the birth of his second son, married the love of his life, and started his career with The Vendo Company of Fresno California. A lot has changed since then. The company is now SandenVendo America and the address is Dallas, Texas. Mike’s had numerous roles and responsibilities over those years but one thing remains constant, his passion for this industry and his commitment to the people he works with. As the President and Chief Executive Officer, Mike would tell you his role is simple: “help others achieve more than would be possible on their own”. We’d say he provides the company with a vision and the leadership to get there. A California native, Mike now resides with his wife and 4 sons in Wylie, Texas. If he’s not with a customer or coworker he’s with his family on the lake, in the kitchen, or working on his hot rod.
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