Just Thinking About… Putting the Fun Back into Learning: Brandon Ligon’s Insights on Enhancing Student Engagement

July 5, 2024
Kevin Dougherty


In an era where educational strategies are continually evolving, the need to make learning engaging and fun has never been more critical. As students navigate an increasingly digital world, educators are tasked with finding innovative ways to integrate technology into their teaching methods. This episode addresses the growing trend of digital innovation in classrooms, highlighting the importance of putting the fun back into learning to enhance student engagement and success.

How can educators balance curriculum demands while ensuring that learning remains fun and engaging for students?

Welcome to Just Thinking, where host Kevin Dougherty, the Chief Strategy Officer for 806 Technologies, sits down with Brandon Ligon, the Digital Innovation Facilitator at San Angelo ISD. In this episode, they explore strategies for leveraging technology, building strong relationships with students, and making learning fun!

Key Discussion Points:
–  Innovative Teaching Techniques: Brandon shares his experiences and methods for using technology to make learning more interactive and enjoyable.
Building Relationships: The importance of trust and connection between educators and students, and how these relationships enhance the learning experience and improve student engagement.
Balancing Curriculum and Creativity: Strategies for maintaining a balance between meeting curriculum standards and fostering creativity in the classroom.

Brandon Ligon is a Digital Innovation Facilitator at San Angelo ISD, where he focuses on enhancing instructional technology skills among teachers and students. With a background as an assistant principal and fourth-grade teacher, Brandon has also worked as an education consultant and motivational speaker. He is known for his unique approach to education, including his role as an educational rapper, using music to engage and inspire students.

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