ADAS Systems

Many newer vehicles have Safety System Alignments in place which includes Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Electronic Power Steering (EPS), and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). These innovative features, which use sensors, are often disturbed by mechanical wheel alignments and a designated aligner must be available to issue a reset. Bauer Built Tire proudly uses equipment from Hunter that aligns tires and resets the Safety Systems and features as required.

Required Reset

Recent advancements have made vehicles high-tech and extremely capable, specifically regarding lane departure and control. Mechanical realignments can affect this type of technology, by creating hurdles for your average shop, so specific alignment equipment is necessary. Over 50 million vehicles require a steering angle sensor reset after a wheel alignment, according to an ADAS Panel. Customers buying new tires and getting their vehicle aligned must rely on tire dealers that offer wheel alignment for updated equipment to avoid damage and incorrect completion of their service. These updates are a financial investment to the tire dealer; however, it is a necessity that adequate retailers have ADAS reset equipment readily available. Vehicle owners should ensure that their preferred tire center has the proper equipment to take care of alignment and reset needs.

Importance of SAS

Once the alignment is completed, the Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) must be reset. Previously, garage employees could merely check that the vehicle’s steering wheel was level. As modern cars are loaded with more safety systems, this is no longer the case. SAS’s were introduced as part of electronic stability programs (ESP), essentially helping the car determine the desired direction of travel and making corrections as required. Wheel alignment experts, Hunter Engineering, warn that if the steering angle sensor is providing false readings due to incorrect calibration with the vehicle’s thrust line, it could cause incorrect service from mechanical and collision repairers, or worse–– none at all.

The vehicle alignment process has faced recent challenges with updates to the camera and sensor technology which has impacted how shops address realignment. That’s why Bauer Built Tire has chosen Hunter products to meet the every-changing technology requirements. The equipment is guaranteed to align the vehicle and reset the systems and technology. To learn more about Bauer Built Tire services, offerings for alignment and ADAS system resets, click here.