How the Pandemic Continues to Impact the Future of the Digital Signage Industry


The digital signage industry saw significant growth in 2021, and the market is expected to see a 16 percent growth increase between now and 2030, according to Market Watch. Much of that growth can be credited to new measures that were innovated and utilized due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How did the pandemic help accelerate the growth of the digital signage industry?

On an episode of “A View From the Top,” host Savannah Jones interviews Frank Pisano, VP of Sales, Americas for BrightSign, and Espen Jensen, Channel Solution Specialist at Nanolumens, on the evolution of digital signage, the latest trends, and adapting the industry to a hybrid workplace.

Jones, Espen, and Pisano discussed …

  1. How remote work functions in updating digital display content
  2. How a hybrid workplace can function in the industry
  3. Why many businesses are moving to incorporate digital signage

“People are looking for digital screens to tell them what to do when they’re entering buildings, but the world is static — also requires a lot of folks to change out static signs. So, there is especially … a lot of talk around the ability to change signs remotely and not have to be on-site to do that or require a bunch of staff to go in,” said Pisano.

And compared to static signage, digital offers something much more rewarding, added Jensen. “There’s a big ticket item as far as going with live instead of static, but there’s a lot more return to it, and that’s going to be a lot more captivating just because of the image quality we can get on large displays now, versus what we had before,” said Jensen.

Frank Pisano has been the VP of Sales at Americas for BrightSign for four years. He was a board member and executive director of the Digital Signage Federation and worked in sales for Milestone AV Technologies for over a decade. He is also a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Espen Jensen is the Channel Solutions Specialist at Nanolumens. He has a wealth of experience in sales management and has worked for companies like Hitachi America, Newline Interactive, and Panasonic.

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