Adam Coughran

President, Safety & Security Expert Safe Kids Inc.

Adam Coughran is an industry leader in safety and security training for schools, businesses, and organizations. Adam is a veteran of Southern California law enforcement who utilized his expertise to found Safe Kids Inc. and Standards Training Group, organizations dedicated to helping deter crime and mitigate violence. He’s been recognized as one of the “Go-To” experts for national media outlets, appearing on NBC’s Today Show, ABC’s Good Morning America, FOX’s Nancy Grace, HLN’s MichaeLA, CBS This Morning, and numerous live interviews in addition to a contributing author to Newsweek Magazine.

Bachelor of Arts - BA, Political Science and Government 2000 - 2004
Graduate Certificate, Administration and Leadership of Criminal Justice Organizations 2008 - 2009
Master of Arts - MA, Organizational Leadership 2008 - 2010
image-30 Safety & Security Expert
image-31 School Safety
image-32 Violence Prevention
image-33 Professional Speaker
image-1-1 Educator
image-34 Newsweek Contributor

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Recent Posts


The HERO Program’s Perspective on the Evolution of School Safety

Adam Coughran - September 22, 2023

In recent years, with a significant uptick in school-related incidents, the conversation surrounding safety protocols within educational institutions has surged. Since Columbine, there have been 304 fatal school shootings.

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security cameras in classrooms

Security Cameras in Classrooms: Adam Coughran, Safe Kids Inc., President

Adam Coughran - August 16, 2023

In this video presented by AVer, Adam Coughran, President at Safe Kids, Inc., discusses the importance of security cameras in classrooms, a topic often overlooked in favor of more public areas within schools.

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Radios and School Safety: Are Walkie Talkies a True Safety Net?

Adam Coughran - July 27, 2023

In today's rapidly changing educational environment, swift and efficient communication has never been more crucial. From active shooter scenarios to medical emergencies or even mundane issues like trespassing, the ability to relay information in real-time can significantly alter outcomes.

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white house

White House Ramps Up School Nutrition With Added 50 Million in Grant Funding

Adam Coughran - November 11, 2022

Adam Coughran, President of@safekidsinc, breaks down why the White Houses $50M in grant funding is so essential for education and better learning outcomes. The latest in a string of funding efforts by the White House, it is hoped that students will have greater access to healthier and more locally sourced produce despite the pinch of rising costs.

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Education & EdTech

The Texas Education Agency’s New Safety Standards Following Uvalde Investigation

Adam Coughran - November 11, 2022

The Texas Education Agency released its proposed safety standards for Texas schools this week following an investigation of the Uvalde shooting. The standards are meant to ensure a minimum level of safety on Texas school campuses.

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All-Encompassing Crisis Systems to Improve School Safety

Adam Coughran - July 19, 2022

Crisis communications include everything from the initial reports to the recovery. Secure and refurbished buildings are the first systems for maintaining safe schools.

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