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How New Robotics are Shaping the Hospitals of Tomorrow

Photo courtesy of Alex Miller, US ABB Media Relations Technology provider ABB announce on July 10 that it will install advanced collaborative robotics for medical labs and hospitals, beginning in Houston, Texas this October The company announced in a press release...

Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Industry Events


TPC Membership Realizes 25% Savings in Phlebotomy Category

Essential in diagnosing patients, blood tests provide a wealth of information regarding a patient’s health. But as the price for phlebotomy products continues to rise, hospitals are seeking ways to cut expenses in this vital category. TPC provides the framework...

How Freezing Temperatures Became the Hottest Trend in Wellness

The beauty industry is an economic gold mine and consumers are on a constant journey of exploration. One practice in particular, cryotherapy, has continued to defy conventional wisdom within the anti-aging and weight loss industry. The emerging method has...

Growing Our Operation: Searching for a Data-Driven Senior Operations Leader

Innovation is what pushes businesses forward, and in today's technology driven world, leaders that innovate drive progress across organizations. At the heart of most companies is Operations, a department that efficiently and effectively manages complex processes across every part...
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