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Behind the Screens with the Dallas Stars: Calling the Shots

  Some of the most important members in the Dallas Stars organization do not see a game in-person the entire season Such is the case with Video Director Terri McCormack Her chair is just around the corner from the ice, but since 2006 she has been...

Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Industry Events


Behind the Screens with the Dallas Stars: Changing the Atmosphere on the Fly

  The Stars may not have turned Dallas into a pure ‘hockey town’ but they have endeared themselves to the people of their city because of pure entertainment. Win or lose, the expectation is to give the fans a positive...

How IoT and AI are Disrupting the Sports Events Industry

Over time, more and more players entered the events tech industry, developing new technologies to lessen the burden on consumers and make it easier to access our favorite events. The sports industry is using the Internet of Things (IoT)...

What March Madness and the Final Four Mean for Minneapolis

You have to play to win. But the question is, are the residents of Minneapolis, Minnesota all on board for the Final Four that the city will host on April 6 and 8 at U.S Bank Stadium? The Minneapolis City...
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