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college athletics

Is Compensation Coming to College Athletics?

NCAA President Mark Emmert has indicated that big changes could be on the horizon for college athletics In a move that surprised many, Emmert along with the board of governors announced the formation of a working group to explore the possibility of allowing college...

Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Industry Events

nike store robotsvideo

What Robots are up to in the Nike House of Innovation in Shanghai

  Nike stores are known for their interactivity and innovative sportswear, and now robots are even getting in on the action. This video comes from Stephen Hekman, Vice President of Retail Services at Kingsmen Projects U.S. The two robotic legs simulate the...
freelance editor's software toolkit

Looking Through a Freelance Editor’s Software Toolkit

The typical two-hour movie that audiences enjoy across the world daily is the culmination of a year or multi-year process. Projects fit for the big screen or the flat screen take months to put together once filming starts, but...
Shanghai Welcomes F1

After 1,000 Races What Does China Mean to F1?

Formula One swung through Shanghai, China for the circuit’s 1,000th ever race last weekend. The Chinese Grand Prix, held annually since 2004, attracts more than 100,000 fans to the track each year and showcases how far China has come...
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