Sports Teams Can Leverage AR and VR Technologies to Deepen Fan Engagement & Unlock Real-Time Revenue Opportunities



Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies are opening up novel ways to enhance the fan experience, both in stadiums and from the comfort of one’s home. The release of Apple Vision Pro headsets has sparked debate on their potential impact on live sporting events. Critics question whether fans engrossed in their headsets are truly engaged with the live action, while proponents argue that augmented applications and data can deepen the connection to the game. This technology also presents new opportunities for integrating sales and marketing elements directly into the sports viewing experience, a potential game-changer for broadcasters and event organizers alike.

How can AR and VR technologies like the Apple Vision Pro transform the sports fan experience without detracting from the live event itself?

Amidst this technological revolution, we turn to an expert in the field, Tod Caflisch, the Sports Technology Innovator and Smart Solutions Strategist at Lumen Technologies, for insights into the future of fan engagement in sports through AR and VR technologies. Tod brings a wealth of knowledge and an innovative perspective to the discussion.

“The headsets with the Apple Vision Pro would be groundbreaking to say the least, be an interesting sight to see people wearing them at events, may not actually be the the best sort of optics, because it may give the perception that people aren’t really watching the game, when actually they can see the games through the headset, you know, with the the augmented applications or data that they can get through the hand gestures or voice during the event, trying to integrate somehow sales or marketing sponsored, you know, type of revenue driven elements as well that can be incorporated into the broadcast, also even from the home experience watching a game, where it can bring people more into the venue, make them more part of that event,” Caflisch said.

Article written by Sonia Gossai.


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