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Watch: Business Network Team – Samsung Partnership

Business Network Team - always focused on building the Samsung Ecosystem.



Introducing the Robot Security Framework (RSF)

Robots are going mainstream. From assistance and entertainment robots used in homes, to those working in assembly lines in industry and all the way...

Using Blockchain to Advance IoT

Imagine two disruptive technologies come together to democratize transparency and connectivity in the tech world. That’s exactly what’s happening with blockchain technology, once synonymous...

Predictive Maintenance With IoT: What It Means for Manufacturing

From enhanced productivity and improved worker safety to streamlined inventory management and quality control, predictive maintenance brings a solution for nearly every niche imaginable....


LPWA Forecast Calls for 1 Billion IoT Connections in 2023

Low power wireless access (LPWA) network connections will grow at a 53% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) until 2023, according to an LPWA forecast...

Blockchain + Analytics: Enabling Smart IOT

Real-time analytics at the edges of the Internet of Things and the real-time communications between devices of different types, models and makes are going...

Microsoft and Kymeta show off ‘always connected’ SUVs, combining cloud, IoT and satellite technology

Microsoft and Kymeta have teamed up to build "always connected" patrol and tactical vehicles designed to help law enforcement agencies and first responders communicate...

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