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Data and Visualization


Once upon a time, if you were going to design a building, you would have to work out every detail in materials and layout...

Internet-connected and interconnected technologies at Ford

IOI technologies on the plant floor offer unprecedented opportunities to generate, track and analyze asset performance data. Joe Ghislain, retired senior manager at Ford...



Hirotec adopts smart factory concept to reduce downtime

Japanese company Hirotec Group, one of the largest private production companies in the global automotive market, wanted to implement Industry 4.0 innovations to tackle...

Restaurants Show Resiliency as Digital Chews On the Industry

Two companies in the Industrial IoT space, Grubbrr and Cradlepoint, have created a new recipe for transforming dated IT and networking approaches in the...

Transportation 4.0: providing door-to-door travel in a multimodal transportation system

Whether it’s keeping up with work while on the move, staying in touch with co-workers and friends, or just looking for some entertainment, travelers...



High Tech Lighting To Help Serve Hospitals

The Internet of Things is starting to play an important role in hospital lighting and control systems. LED technology is expected to leverage the...

Wireless Solutions Offer More Flexibility and Control at the Pump Without Intrusive Installations

Most consumers visit fuel centers regularly without giving much thought to their inner workings. But owners of these centers certainly care about the logistics...

What to Expect From The Year’s Biggest Tech Show

Futurism shares thoughts on what's coming out of the CES in Las Vegas - autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality are potential topics....

Sensors and Nodes

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