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The Gifts That Go Back: The Numbers Behind Holiday Returns

With holiday gift shopping in full swing, retailers can count on plenty of returns Gifts of ill-fitting sweaters and duplicate games ensure that returns will be a popular sight in the weeks following the holidays Challenges For The Retailer For retailers, returns can...

Retail Absence is Corrosive to Employee Engagement, Say Store Managers

While four out of five retailers worldwide (78 percent) say employee engagement is important to organizational success, many are challenged by the corrosive impact that rampant unplanned absence has on staff productivity (58 percent), manager stress (55 percent), and...

MarketScale Retail 12/14: Buyer’s Remorse

It's the time of year when retail gets brought into the forefront of the national consciousness. Today's episode of the MarketScale Retail Podcast tackles some of the big issues facing the industry: returns, diversification, and employee management. Three thought leaders...

Amazon is dipping its toes into a $300 billion healthcare-technology market, and it has...

And in November, Amazon announced it would be offering a new service called Amazon Comprehend Medical to hospitals, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies with the hope of helping them analyze their health-record data.  Read More at Investing

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