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content marketers

One Screen or Two? Content Marketers Have to Decide

Beyond the technology of Pro AV, today’s digital screens are delivering powerful, and in many cases data-driven content, to audiences everywhere At venues, on the street, or at the store, consumers are looking for more interactive and engaging content Unfortunately, not...

Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Industry Events


With the digital generation either already attaining or quickly reaching maturity, the gaming methods of old lack the technological allure to appeal to these younger audiences. Also, new betting regulations are expanding and transforming the gaming industry in states...
NanoSessions Value

NanoSessions: Value vs. Price in the World of Professional AV

Price is always a factor in every purchase. Every business wants to ensure they stay within budget, but, of course, cheaper is rarely better, except for the pocketbook. Professional LED display solutions are no different. While LEDs are widespread...
one company's take on simplifying AV

Video Vices: One Company’s Take on Simplifying AV Over IP

In this episode of Video Vices with Contemporary Research, host Sean Heath sat down with Nelson Solares, sales executive at Contemporary, to discuss the company’s approach to tried-and-true pro AV technology that’s well-made and affordable. Solares and Heath also...
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