Netflix’s New Model: How Does This Affect Customers?

February 14, 2023


In today’s digital era, streaming services have become a staple in the lives of consumers. With the average person subscribing to at least three streaming platforms, cost-saving opportunities are highly sought after. That’s where Philips Media Suite comes in, providing an innovative solution for hotel owners and their guests.

As streaming costs add up, consumers are actively seeking ways to trim their monthly expenses. However, not all streaming devices are compatible with the recent changes Netflix is implementing. Older external Google Chromecast dongles, often used in hotels, may pose a challenge for guests who rely on these devices. Furthermore, these dongles can create security concerns and usability issues, hampering the overall guest experience.

Philips Media Suite offers a game-changing alternative with integrated Netflix and Chromecast built-in functionalities. Guests can effortlessly cast their favorite shows from their own devices by simply scanning a QR code. Whether they leave for dinner or return to their room, they can seamlessly resume watching exactly where they left off, regardless of their streaming platform or account type. Plus, with Philips Media Suite, streaming in stunning 4K is now a reality, providing guests with an immersive visual experience that was previously limited by Chromecast dongles.

Hotel owners can now offer their guests the convenience, flexibility, and cutting-edge technology they desire. Philips Media Suite is the smartest all-in-one solution for today’s hospitality industry, eliminating the need for external dongles and ensuring a seamless and secure streaming experience.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your hotel’s entertainment system. With Philips Media Suite, you can provide your guests with the ultimate streaming experience, enhancing their stay and setting your establishment apart from the competition.

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