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The Leading Blue Glass Cleaner Can Kill; Should it Be in Schools? with John Shanahan of Ionogen & JPS Communications

Are you aware that the leading blue glass cleaner can kill you Did you know that the leading disinfectant wipe on the market does not do anything In this episode of the MarketScale Building Management Podcast, we speak with John Shanahan, the President and CEO of...

Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Industry Events

MarketScale Building Management 02/12/2019: Restoring Our Way to a Better Future

The lifespan of buildings is often cyclical; a building is built, it serves a distinct purpose for a period of time, and when it is no longer necessary it is destroyed. But does it have to be that way?...

How Software Became a Building Manager’s Best Friend

The job of the building manager is rapidly changing—and Internet of Things (IoT) technology is behind that change. Indeed, assistant building managers are increasingly likely to be Artificial Intelligence (AI) rather than human beings. Anyone who has worked in an...

How to Maximize Your 2019 Roofing Budget

Whether you own or manage one building or a portfolio of them, preparing budgets each year can be challenging. There are many factors to consider, and typically, items of immediate need take precedence when budgets are tight. As the...
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