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Hospitality 12/18: Cruising for New Technology

If you haven't looked at the technology being used on cruise ships recently, it's probably time for you to look again MarketScale correspondent Sam Mosher takes a deep dive on this week's episode into the world of cruise ship technology in his conversation with...

Travelers Don’t Want Apps, They Want Faster Service with Healey Cypher of ZIVELO

The travel industry is on a steady up-and-up, and it's due in part to more technologically-savvy travelers finding ways to travel on the cheap. Today's vacationer is using Airbnb, OTAs, coupon hunters and more to personalize their travel experience,...

MarketScale Hospitality, 12/11: BIG STADIUM EVENTS & HOTEL DATA BREACHES

This week's episode of the MarketScale Hospitality Podcast takes a look at two different aspects of the hospitality industry: catering for large events and hotel security. On the surface, it feels like these topics couldn't be more different. Surprisingly,...

Restaurants Reinvented

Two disparate restaurants, located a continent apart, get new life from makeovers. With few exceptions, restaurants, like most hospitality venues, periodically need to be re-energized. Tastes change and the dining public can be fickle. Neighborhoods, too, evolve and restaurants...

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