MarketScale Hospitality 02/13: Finding the Right Rewards Formula

There's no magic bullet for success in the hospitality industry The challenge is finding the correct combination of the right ingredients This is true whether you're running a restaurant, hotel, or airline On today's episode of the MarketScale Hospitality Podcast, we...

Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Industry Events

Where and Why Americans Spend $300 on Valentine’s Day

Right alongside candy and flowers, one of the main expenses of consumers celebrating Valentine’s Day is eating at restaurants. Everything from classic chains to elegant, one-of-a-kind local restaurants brace every year for the holiday. There is much to be...

Smart Spaces: Electrical Contractors Partner with Integrators to Infuse IoT Technology into Hotels

  Robotic butlers are zooming around hotel lobbies, bathroom mirrors are transforming into interactive touchscreens, and guests are opening their doors and controlling the lights/temperature in their rooms all from their smartphones. These amenities may seem years or even decades...

Office Hours with Michael McCall: The Future of Reward Programs

Welcome to Office Hours, where current issues facing hospitality professionals will be discussed and potential solutions pursued. My name is Michael McCall and I am the NAMA Endowed Professor of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University. My primary areas of expertise lie in customer...
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