Multifunctional Cajera Series ATMs Unveiled by Hyosung Innovue: A Game-Changer in Finance

July 21, 2023
James Kent


Hyosung Innovue has announced its new ATMs in the Cajera™ series, aiming to simplify the financial journey for customers. The innovative Cajera 4 and Cajara 2 ATMs offer various services such as DigitalMint, MoneyGram, Fiserv, and BillPay, with users being able to choose which services to enable on their devices, increasing transactions per customer. TangoNet on the Cajera series allows users to conduct transactions like BillPay, cryptocurrency purchasing, Visa deposits, and peer-to-peer payments. Hyosung Innovue aims to improve the user’s financial experience and believes introducing these enhanced ATM machines can significantly impact users’ lives.

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