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FETC According to Matt Miller

Putting the students first can seem like an obvious idea when it comes to education, but sometimes it can get lost in the noise created by new and exciting technology Today's podcast serves as a reminder that tech should serve the needs of the students, and not the...

Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Industry Events

Is the Classroom More Important Than the Curriculum in Today’s Schools?

The appearance of today’s classroom has come a long way since rows of desks set before a teacher at the front of the room defined most pupils’ educational environment. Modernized classrooms integrate the sleek-looking features of a Silicon Valley...

MarketScale EdTech 02/05/19: Where Does EdTech Fit into the Workplace?

On today’s MarketScale EdTech Podcast Show, we talk to Monica Burns and MarketScale's own Emily Rector about the use of AR in the classroom and the use of EdTech—including AR—in company training. AR is more than just PokemonGo! It’s...

How Schools are Getting Safer One Device at a Time

Technology is doing more in classrooms today than improving curriculum and making teachers’ jobs easier – it is also providing groundbreaking security options for districts looking to further student safety. The host of tragedies that have taken place throughout the...
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