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Do Americans Have an Appetite for Alternative Meat?

Americans are expected to spend $68 billion on food this Fourth of July, according to Wallet Hub Outside of celebrating American independence, the holiday is perhaps most associated with grilling meat However, this year Americans will also be eating something...

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Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Industry Events

Upcoming Industry Events

Growing Our Operation: Searching for a Data-Driven Senior Operations Leader

Innovation is what pushes businesses forward, and in today's technology driven world, leaders that innovate drive progress across organizations. At the heart of most companies is Operations, a department that efficiently and effectively manages complex processes across every part...

Lighting Up: How AI and Data Are Making Business More Viable for Urban Farmers

In this episode of Lighting Up with Illumitex, host Daniel Litwin is back with Dennis Riling, vice president of business development for Illumitex, and Mark McDevitt, Senior Horticultural Scientist for Illumitex to discuss big agriculture, urban farming, and container farming. Austin,...

Menu Boards Deliver Upgraded Restaurant Experiences

With increasingly tight margins and fickle audiences, many restaurant franchises might balk at spending more money on technology. Despite the initial cost, digital menu boards can help restaurants boost sales and improve...
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