With Sophisticated Restaurant Scams Plaguing the Industry, Can Businesses Stop the Deception?

August 20, 2023
Barbara Castiglia

Barbara Castiglia


The restaurant industry, already grappling with the challenges of the pandemic, now faces another menace: sophisticated restaurant scams. As eateries worldwide strive to recover, many of them fall prey to scammers. QR codes, which gained popularity in restaurants during the pandemic, are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The National Restaurant Association puts restaurant losses due to fraud as much as 4% of sales annually. There is no doubt; fraud and scams are on the rise. Still, with customers wanting to use the convenience of QR codes and access to free Wi-Fi, risks are part of the territory for the restaurant industry.

But what exactly are these scams, and how can restaurant owners protect themselves?

Welcome to The Main Course, hosted by Barbara Castiglia. In this episode, Castiglia looks into the issue of sophisticated restaurant scams. Joining her is David McClellan, the president, and CEO of Social Catfish, a company dedicated to preventing online scams through reverse search technology.

Castiglia and McClellan discuss the following issues:

  • The rise of business email compromise scams
  • The shift in scammer focus during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The dangers of data breaches and the importance of online security

A seasoned internet marketer, David McClellan unexpectedly found himself at the forefront of the fight against online scams. With a background in running some of the world’s largest websites, David’s journey with Social Catfish began as a simple website project. Today, it is a beacon of hope for those looking to protect themselves online. Despite not having a formal college degree, David’s self-taught expertise and dedication have led him to work with major companies, helping millions stay safe online.

The episode sheds light on the various scams plaguing the restaurant industry. From fake utility bill threats during peak business hours to convoluted reservation scams promising large orders, restaurant owners are constantly on their toes. With the internet still resembling the “Wild Wild West,” the episode emphasizes the importance of education, awareness, and the right tools to combat these threats.

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