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Alexion inks $855M takeover of Wilson Therapeutics

Alexion has struck an $855 million (690 million) all-cash deal to acquire Wilson Therapeutics. The takeover will further Alexions attempt to rebuild its pipeline...

Unum IPO hits bottom of range, netting $62M for cell therapy...

Unum Therapeutics has netted $62 million in a Nasdaq IPO. The total falls short of the amount Unum set out to raise but leaves...




Watch: SpaceX to Build It’s Biggest Rocket in Los Angeles

The BFR is expected to transport humans to Mars.

Watch: NASA to Deploy New Space Telescope to Help Find New Planets

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, TESS for short, will launch on April 16. Once in orbit, TESS will undergo tests and adjustments for sixty...

Kepler Provides a New Technique for Supernova-Hunting

Astronomer Ed Shaya was in his office looking at data from NASAs Kepler space telescope in 2012 when he noticed something unusual: The light...