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Decoding cancer-linked enzyme could help create better drugs

DHHC enzymes modify nearly 1,000 human proteins, including EGFRs, a family of receptors that are implicated in a range of cancers. National Institutes of...

Celgene buys Impact Biomedicines

Celgene will spend $1.1 billion for Impact Biomedicines, a tiny startup that created a JAK2 inhibitor fedratinib. This drug's packaging includes clinical data showing fedratinib...



Supercomputers Help Tailor Cancer Treatments

The Center for Computational Oncology is developing complex computer models to predict how cancer will progress in a specific individual. “We’re trying to build...

New Strategy Against Tuberculosis Infections

One of the biggest challenges when treating life-threatening tuberculosis infections is the increasing resistance to antibiotics. A team of scientists has discovered a substance that...

New Imaging Technique Makes Diagnosis Better

Researchers have developed a technology which enables to acquire a high-resolution mass spectrometry imaging of live biological samples. It's expected that the reliability of...