Tree Watering Guide: Understanding the Needs of Young vs. Established Trees

October 28, 2023
Sunny Crutchfield



Welcome to this informative and insightful video where Wes from TreeNewal sits down with Cory Herpel, a highly experienced ISA-certified arborist with 13 years of expertise. As they explore the scorching and dry summer season, they delve into essential strategies for ensuring the vitality of trees in such challenging conditions.

Cory stresses the significance of adopting a deep but infrequent watering approach for all trees. Rather than daily or every-other-day watering, he recommends watering two to three times a week. This will allow for thorough soaking, followed by a period of dryness. This practice promotes robust root systems that can better endure the harsh summer weather. Trees will be more resilient in the face of drought stress.

The conversation then turns to the invaluable role of mulching in tree care. Cory and Wes emphasize the benefits of a two to four-inch layer of mulch surrounding the tree’s base. This simple technique serves multiple purposes, acting as a moisture-conserving shield that significantly reduces evaporation from the soil. Furthermore, the mulch facilitates efficient water uptake by the roots, aiding the tree in maintaining its health and vigor during the intense summer months.

However, the arborists caution against a common mistake: over-mulching to the point where the tree’s flare gets covered. They urge viewers to avoid piling mulch up against the trunk, as this can lead to detrimental consequences. Instead, maintaining proper spacing and ensuring the root flare remains exposed are vital steps to safeguard the tree’s long-term health and stability.

In addition to watering and mulching tips, Cory highlights the importance of proper planting depth. Ensuring the root flare is visible, even when mulched, is crucial. This ensures that the tree remains planted at the appropriate level. Allowing its roots to access the necessary oxygen while benefiting from the protective effects of the mulch.

The video also caters to those nurturing newly planted trees. Cory advises a slightly more frequent watering regimen for these young trees. He emphasizes the importance of gradual establishment and root development. Nonetheless, he reiterates that even for newer trees, excessive watering should be avoided. Striking the right balance is key to their success.

To further bolster a tree’s resilience, the arborists advocate for a well-planned fertilization program, especially for newer and younger trees. Properly nourishing the trees aids in the growth of healthy root systems, making them more adaptable to challenging environmental factors, such as drought and other stresses.

Next Steps

In conclusion, the experts emphasize that the adage “kill them with kindness” holds true for tree care. Overwatering can be just as detrimental as underwatering, making it crucial for viewers to grasp the concept of deep and infrequent watering. By following the advice shared in this video, homeowners can safeguard the well-being of their trees, fostering healthy and drought-tolerant specimens that thrive even under the most testing summer conditions. 

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