Technologies and Developments in New Space Propulsion: Challenges, Viewpoints, and Strategies

May 9, 2023

Space is more than just a billionaire’s race: it’s a domain of exploration fostering technological innovation in the commercial space industry. Today, there are over 10,000 space-focused start-ups in the world all striving to break through with different technologies, visions, and goals. What sets some apart from others, however, are the unique partnerships and innovative technological designs aimed at taking space propulsion to the next level – literally.

In this episode of The Vaya Space Podcast, host Michelle Dawn Mooney, speaks with guests Rob Fabian, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Vaya Space, and Valentine Moroz, COO of SoftInWay Inc. about the challenges facing New Space Propulsion, as well as viewpoints, and strategies on the future of the technology.

The three discuss:

  • How leasing software from SoftInWay has grown into a new, innovative partnership within the field
  • Everything you should know about propulsion in today’s landscape
  • Exciting new technologies were created during the development of the project

Fabian explained, “I think a lot of what we’re seeing in the industry today, certainly what we’re seeing at Vaya Space, is an outgrowth in new technologies that have come out to support the underlying process…we’re doing additive manufacture of turbo pumps, of injectors, of our fuel grains themselves, it’s an integral part to how our vortex hybrid engine works but that speed of design…I think it’s a game changer for the entire industry not just for Vaya Space.”

On the challenges facing the industry, Moroz remarked, “I see other challenges, the challenges, in my opinion, are two, maybe three types of challenges, two technological and the third one is not. First of all, you know, seeing [the] success of companies like Blue Origin and SpaceX, feels like a lot of young engineers just assume that it’s really easy and you can just reprint everything and it will work, but that’s not the reality.”

Fabian has been in the air and space industry for over thirty years, first starting his career in the United States Air Force before retiring at the rank of Colonel in 2013. He worked for BAE Systems as a program manager, then held several senior leadership positions at Rocket Crafters, Inc. In addition to his role as COO at Vaya, Fabian serves as an Executive Board Member for the Space Coast Consortium Apprenticeship Program. He’s a proud graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, with a Bachelor’s in Space Operations, and holds his MPA from the University of Oklahoma, as well as a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College.

Moroz earned his B.S. in Business Management with a focus on entrepreneurship, computational finance, and quantitative analysis from Babson College. Moroz has over eighteen years of experience in engineering and risk management. He began his career in analytics and macro research with notable work as a risk Analyst for K2 Advisors. Afterward, Moroz founded Bluefront Capital, LLC. Today, Moroz is currently the COO of SoftinWay and a specialist in Turbomachinery Technologies.

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