On Edge: A New Soundbite Series

Market Scale is launching a new series called “On Edge.” This weekly soundbite series will provide listeners with an in-depth look into the cutting edge technology transforming emerging markets. From AI to blockchain, this podcast will share the stories of the innovative entrepreneurs and companies pushing the boundaries of technology and the incredible impact they are having on the global economy. Each episode will feature interviews with industry experts, fascinating stories, and the latest trends in tech. Get ready to be inspired and informed on the future of technology and its implications for the world.

The first episode features Andre Natera, a renowned chef and host of Run the Pass, discussing his thoughts on the future of drone delivery and how it will impact his culinary work.

How will Chefs like Natera approach the kitchen knowing their food will have to survive a flight 400 feet above the ground?

Stay tuned for the first episode.

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