Andre Natera

Host, Author, Mentor, Leader Chef's PSA

Former Chef with over 27 years of experience in luxury hotels and high-end restaurants. Having spent my career as a chef I have learned many valuable lessons that transcend cooking, with the most important one being a leader of people and teams. I have a passion for mentoring and teaching people the knowledge needed to run a successful business or build a productive culture in the workplace. I am also the host of Chef's PSA podcast, Run the Pass podcast, and web series, and author of Chef's PSA, in addition to having an online leadership course Manage Like an Executive Chef.

Culinary Arts 1995-1996
culinaries Culinary Arts
hospitality-manage Hospitality Management
image-2-1 Restaurant Management
image-3-1 Menu Development

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Leadership – What Every Senior Executive Can Learn From Top Chefs

This conversation about leadership and “What Every Senior Executives Can Learn From Top Chefs” with Chef Andre Natera should have taken place at the SXSW CMO Clubhouse in Austin, TX back in March. Obviously, with the pandemic situation the event was canceled and we recorded our discussion about leadership as an episode for my podcast “flavors unknown”.

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In today’s episode, we bring back André Natera, a professional culinary consultant, author, and a chef with over 27 years of experience, working alongside Michelin-starred chefs. André is the author of a new book, Chef’s PSA: How Not to Be the Biggest Idiot in the Kitchen, a comical guide for people just starting their culinary career. He has led culinary teams at some of Dallas’ most acclaimed restaurants, and became the regional executive chef for Omni Hotels. Since then, André has been inducted into the Epicurean World Master Chefs Society (WMCS) for almost a decade now, and he continues to serve as a culinary council member for the prestigious Ment’or BKB.

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Chef's PSA

A place where Chefs and Cooks of all levels can come together and agree that we need to raise the bar in the kitchen. Chef’s PSA is that source of information, it is the unwritten rules of the kitchen that you’re never told and also forgot to tell. The podcast is where I share my thoughts and opinions on the culinary and restaurant industry. My goal is to help cooks and chefs of all levels become better at what they do.

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2023 Restaurant Trends

2023 Restaurant Trends The Industry Should Watch

Gabrielle Bejarano - December 1, 2022

There are plenty of stand-out statistics when it comes to food and beverage trends in consumers’ habits and market conditions. 2023 restaurant trends are no different. Guests are looking for authentic experiences, and whether that’s in the environment or the food, restaurants should find the best w

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