Andre Natera

Host, Author, Mentor, Leader Chef's PSA

Andre Natera is a former chef with over 27 years of experience in luxury hotels and high-end restaurants. Having spent his career as a chef, Natera has learned many valuable lessons that transcend cooking, with the most important one being how to be an empathetic and effective leader of people and teams. He has a passion for mentoring and teaching people the knowledge needed to run a successful business or build a productive culture in the workplace. Andre is also the host of Chef's PSA podcast, Run the Pass podcast and web series, and author of Chef's PSA, in addition to having an online leadership course "Manage Like an Executive Chef."

Culinary Arts 1995-1996
culinaries Culinary Arts
hospitality-manage Hospitality Management
222 Restaurant Management
image-3-1 Menu Development

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Recent Posts

Food & Beverage

On Edge: A New Soundbite Series

Andre Natera - April 5, 2023

Market Scale is launching a new series called "On Edge." This weekly soundbite series will provide listeners with an in-depth look into the cutting edge technology transforming emerging markets.

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Food Sustainability is on Consumers’ Minds Worldwide. What’s Driving the Desire for It?

Andre Natera - March 9, 2023

Food sustainability is a high priority on consumers shopping lists worldwide and they have an increasing appetite for sustainable food that reduces their carbon footprint. According to findings in a new survey from Yara and IPSOS on European consumer demand for sustainable food, when asked if food companies should work to reduce emissions in their food production, 74% of Europeans agreed.

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Fast Food Foot Traffic

Fast Food Foot Traffic is Dipping While Net Sales Remain Up. Can QSR Keep This Dynamic Up?

Andre Natera - February 23, 2023

Its been a tough couple of years for restaurants and QSRs. The pandemic, supply shortages, and inflation have done the notoriously tight-budgeted industry no favors.

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Where Did All the Breakfast Traffic Go?

Andre Natera - December 29, 2022

Breakfast traffic is slowing. Revenue Management Solutions said breakfast traffic in the QSR segment dropped 7.

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2023 Restaurant Trends

2023 Restaurant Trends The Industry Should Watch

Andre Natera - December 1, 2022

There are plenty of stand-out statistics when it comes to food and beverage trends in consumers' habits and market conditions. 2023 restaurant trends are no different.

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