Sandenvendo’s Showcase at the Southwest Fuel Expo

June 30, 2023


In today’s fast-paced world, convenience stores are constantly seeking innovative solutions to meet their customers’ needs. At the Southwest Fuel and Convenience Expo in downtown Fort Worth, Fort Worth Convention Center, industry leaders gather to explore the latest trends and technologies. The stakes are high as convenience store owners strive to maximize revenue while providing enticing food options. According to recent research, integrating hot food displays with roller grills presents a game-changing opportunity for increased profitability.

Are roller grill combos the answer to convenience store owners’ prayers?

At the recent Southwest Fuel Expo Event, Scott Winters gave his thoughts the potential of roller grill combos. Our guest, Scott Winters, an expert in the convenience store industry, shares invaluable insights on the scope and benefits of this innovative solution.

Key points from the conversation include:

  • The introduction of roller grill combos: Discover how convenience stores can now showcase hot food options while maximizing revenue with this integrated display system.
  • The revenue potential: Learn how the elimination of a separate sneeze guard allows convenience store owners to generate income from the products displayed above the roller grill.
  • Adaptability for existing roller grills: Explore the convenience of the hot food topper, a solution that enables store owners to enhance their existing roller grill setups without investing in a complete integrated set.

Scott Winters is a renowned figure in the convenience store industry with extensive experience and accolades. With a background in [guest’s background], [Guest Name] has been at the forefront of industry innovations and has helped numerous convenience store owners optimize their operations.

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