Domino’s Pizza’s AI and Robotics Investments Forge a Path for Other QSRs to Follow in 2024


The QSR (quick service restaurant) industry is undergoing a significant transformation driven by AI and robotics automation advancements. Among those leading the charge, Domino’s Pizza is launching its own strategy for evolving its operations and customer service ecosystem to take advantage of robotics, AI-powered software, and more proactive tools that elevate the Domino’s experience. For example, the QSR pizza leader partnered with Microsoft to create an AI-focused innovation lab, aiming to revolutionize pizza ordering and store operations. This collaboration will leverage Microsoft Cloud and Azure OpenAI Service to enhance customer experiences, simplify store management, and increase sales. Beyond Domino’s, other QSR giants like Wendy’s, IHOP, Chipotle, and Sweetgreen are rapidly integrating AI and robotics into customer-facing and operational aspects.

Is 2024 the year automation becomes a standard in the QSR industry, and how are leading companies like Domino’s Pizza shaping this trend?

Welcome to Experts Talk, where Daniel Litwin, the voice of B2B, guides an industry leader’s conversation on QSR automation trends in 2024, and how the players, like Domino’s, are taking advantage of era of transformation through tech-forward initiatives. Joining Litwin are Barbara Castiglia, the Executive Editor at Modern Restaurant Management Magazine; Aaron Mayer, the Eastern Regional Sales Director at Bear Robotics; Matt Casella, President at Richtech Robotics; and Joe Monastero, the COO of the Texas Restaurant Association.

Main Points of Conversation:

  • The role of AI and robotics in enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience in QSRs
  • The balance between customer-facing automation and back-end improvements
  • The challenges and opportunities in standardizing automation across the QSR industry

Barbara Castiglia is a seasoned journalist with extensive experience in the restaurant industry. Her expertise includes analyzing market trends and delivering insights on restaurant management and culinary innovation. Known for her keen observations, Barbara is a respected voice in the restaurant community.

Aaron Mayer specializes in introducing robotic solutions to the hospitality industry. His work focuses on enhancing restaurant efficiency and customer service through innovative technology, making him a key figure in the transition towards automated restaurant environments.

Matt Casella leads in developing and implementing cutting-edge robotic technologies for the service industry. His vision and leadership have been instrumental in pioneering robotics in food preparation, delivery, and customer engagement.

Joe Monastero brings a wealth of experience in restaurant operations and policy advocacy. As COO of the Texas Restaurant Association, he plays a crucial role in supporting the interests of restaurants across Texas, focusing on legislative advocacy, education, and workforce development.

Article by James Kent

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