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Daniel Litwin is journalist of multiple disciplines with a singular focus: finding and telling the most engaging stories of consequences for any community. He has years of experience in B2B journalism and editorial strategy, interviewing Fortune 500 companies like Honeywell, Microsoft, John Deere, Chipotle, and more. Litwin hosts weekly shows and podcasts, leads MarketScale editorial direction, and helps pioneer new content approaches for the MarketScale media ecosystem. He has a Bachelor's in Radio/TV Reporting & Anchoring and a Bachelor's in Spanish from the University of Missouri. Litwin is a musician, a student of political theory, and a critic at heart. When not at work, you can find him experimenting with autotuned vocals for his band or reading up on current geopolitical events.

B.J. in Radio/Television Reporting/Anchoring and B.A. in Spanish from University of Missouri-Columbia 2014-2018
Content Creation
Feature Writing
Podcast Hosting
Video Editing

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Analysis: Lessons for CEOs from the Schultz & Starbucks Union Avoidance Campaign

May 17, 2022 Articles

Summary: In this report, corporate executives will get a full analysis of Starbucks' union avoidance saga since the return of Howard Schultz, detailing his strategies over the years, how he's putting them to work now, and how the consequences of taking an aggressive stance against Starbucks Workers United have impacted the company's brand and financials. Citing several retail and labor experts, this report will offer a pulse-check on why Schultz's tactics are being poorly received, and will distill these reactions down into actionable strategies for leadership to more proactively engage with union campaigns.

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Honeywell UAM Title Card

Honeywell Has a New Urban Air Mobility Lab. Why Does Its Avionics Research Matter for UAM?

June 7, 2022 Articles

Summary: Honeywell unveiled its cutting-edge urban air mobility research facility for a closed media tour. MarketScale had the pleasure of exploring the company's new technologies to better understand how they're setting a standard for UAM's avionics needs.

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the future of cryptomining

Understanding MiCA: EU’s Next Steps Toward a Greener Cryptomining Market

April 29, 2022 Articles

The cryptocurrency industry is preparing to welcome its newest set of regulations from the largest ruling body to date, as 27 countries adopt a "uniform legal framework for crypto-assets." The EU passed its Markets in Crypto-assets (MiCA) bill on March 14, a first draft of rules covering previously unregulated aspects of the crypto market in Europe, from legal supervision and certainty of assets to rules around the introduction of new stablecoins to the market.

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netflix nasdaq

Is Wall Street Overreacting to Netflix Subscriber Losses?

April 26, 2022 Articles

Wall Street did a little cord-cutting of its own this week when it pulled the plug on Netflix's stock value April 20, sending the company's share price plummeting from nearly $350 a share the day before to under $220 by market close April 21. As of today, it's settling in around $210 a share.

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retail consumer prices index

Why July’s Consumer Price Inflation is Forcing Businesses to Reckon with Hiring Strategies

August 26, 2022 Articles

After weeks dotted with interest rate hikes, mortgage rate oscillation, and dropping energy prices, U.S.

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Ethereum Merge Proof-of-Stake

What a Proof-of-Stake Ethereum Means for Business’ Blockchain Use Cases

September 29, 2022 Software & Technology

After six years of preparation and ongoing speculation around its potential success, the second largest blockchain came through with a win and completed a massive overhaul to its infrastructure. Ethereum successfully completed the long-awaited Merge of its existing Historic State layer and its parallel ledger, the Beacon Chain, officially shifting its consensus mechanism from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake.

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USDOT airline flight cancellations

USDOT Forces Airlines to Fix Flight Cancellation Policies. Will Changes Improve Customer Service?

September 16, 2022 Articles

After a summer of flight cancellations, flight delays and post-pandemic disruptions, the U.S Department of Transportation (USDOT) finally issued an ultimatum to airlines in light of its recent Air Travel Consumer Report (ATCR).

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Chipotle Union Workers

Union Avoidance or Neutrality? Chipotle Faces a Critical Decision as Michigan Store Unionizes

September 13, 2022 Articles

Marking a first for the national chain but a familiar trend for the year, a Chipotle restaurant in Lansing, Michigan, has voted to unionize, the first of the company’s 3000 locations to do so in its near 30-year history. Current employees are seeking improved scheduling, increases in wages, and better work safety conditions.

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Wavelengths: Has Federal Funding Solved Rural Broadband Connectivity Issues?

August 11, 2022 Telecommunications

The availability of broadband in rural areas remains a big area of concern. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has seemingly addressed the issue by providing funding through RDOF, or the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, but the initiative isn’t exactly foolproof.

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