Restaurants and QSRs Looking for Energy Savings Require the Perfect Touch

July 7, 2023


In the competitive world of the restaurant industry, restaurants and QSRs looking for energy savings require managing operating expenses while ensuring optimal comfort and safety for staff and guests. With restaurants spending anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000 a month on energy costs, finding ways to reduce costs in this area can be a big win.

The challenges are numerous, from monitoring kitchen comfort to regulating humidity levels and ensuring the proper functioning of exhaust fans. They can feel daunting, at times, for the restaurant owner or franchisee.

What can these restaurants and QSRs do to decrease expenses and energy usage?

Enter ENTOUCH, a North American company providing IoT facility management technology to multi-site restaurants. They offer comprehensive solutions to reduce operating expenses, increase revenue, and address the restaurant environment’s unique needs. Leveraging data, ENTOUCH supports restaurant operations to achieve a faster return on investment, focusing on energy consumption reduction and revenue increase. With a proven track record in serving traditional and quick-service restaurants, they effectively address vital concerns such as energy cost, utility spending, maintenance, and sustainability goals.

How does ENTOUCH provide the perfect touch to give restaurants and QSRs the energy savings they need? Shana Santoni, Director of National Accounts at ENTOUCH, elaborated on their suite of solutions.

Shana’s Thoughts

“Today, I want to talk to you about how ENTOUCH helps restaurants and QSRs.

So, whether you’re a fine dining, a fast casual, casual, or QSR, we can help you reduce your energy usage. And we know that in restaurant situations, there’s a ton of equipment that draws on your energy. Whether it’s your coolers, freezers, fryers, ovens, and so many more pieces of equipment in the kitchen, we all know that it generates electricity and uses electricity in most cases.

And What ENTOUCH does is we help you reduce that usage, which ultimately turns into savings on your energy bill. In addition, we can monitor your coolers and freezers so we can notify you when you have a door left open where you may risk food safety.

We can help you control your lighting if needed. And we can also then monitor your HVAC usage and overall manage and measure your total usage within your space. So, whether you’re a multi-site QSR franchisee or you’ve got multi-site restaurants, we can assist you in helping drive down your electricity usage and spending, and we’re happy to help in any way possible. We have many customers that use our services around the country in North America who have found great value, and I would like to direct you to our website to see some of our case studies for our restaurants and QSRs.

Article by James Kent

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