The Rise of Regenerative Agriculture and Strategies for Generating Capital with Steward CEO Dan Miller

June 18, 2024
Melissa Gonzalez


As the global conversation around sustainable food systems intensifies, regenerative agriculture has emerged as a transformative approach to farming that prioritizes ecosystem health, soil vitality, and nutritional quality. This episode of Retail Refined explores why regenerative agriculture is capturing the attention of consumers, policymakers, and investors alike. With nearly 90 regenerative farms funded and over $30 million in financing secured, Steward, led by Dan Miller, is at the forefront of this agricultural revolution.

What role can regenerative agriculture play in reshaping our food systems and meeting the rising consumer demand for sustainable and nutritious products?

In the latest episode of Retail Refined, host Melissa Gonzalez speaks with Dan Miller, the founder and CEO of Steward, about the significant impact regenerative agriculture can have on the food industry. Together, they delve into the challenges and opportunities of this innovative farming practice.

Key Discussion Points:
– The importance of ecosystem health and soil vitality in regenerative agriculture.
– The role of financing in supporting the growth of regenerative farms.
– The long-term vision for integrating regional agricultural networks to ensure sustainable supply chains.

Dan Miller, Founder and CEO of Steward, has a diverse background in finance, real estate, and technology. His passion for agriculture is deeply rooted in his family history, with his maternal ancestors farming in Maryland since the 1880s. Dan’s extensive experience includes co-founding Fundrise, the largest real estate crowdfunding platform in the U.S., and leading Steward to finance nearly 90 regenerative farms. He holds a BS in Economics and an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Article written by MarketScale.

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