Creating Generational Wealth: Untapping the Potential of Franchising

September 11, 2023
Barbara Castiglia


Creating generational wealth is a goal for many, yet it seems increasingly unobtainable in recent years. One path still open to make those goals a reality is in the world of franchising. Contrary to expectations, the pandemic did not deter individuals from seeing the potential of owning and operating a restaurant franchise. The desire to establish a sustainable business and create generational wealth has only intensified. According to industry insights, there’s been a notable increase in franchise inquiries since the onset of COVID-19, with franchise job and unit growth outpacing pre-pandemic levels.

But what drives someone to dive into the world of franchising, especially when they have little to no prior experience in the field?

Welcome to The Main Course, hosted by Barbara Castiglia. In this episode, Castiglia looks at the allure and promise of franchising with her guest, Tarji Carter, Founder and President of The Franchise Player.

Castiglia and Tarji discuss the following during their conversation:

  • The increasing appeal of franchising as a career and investment opportunity
  • Tarji’s unexpected journey from the hotel industry to becoming a pivotal figure in restaurant franchising
  • The mission and vision behind The Franchise Player’s aims to educate and empower underserved communities about franchising opportunities

Tarji Carter, a seasoned professional in the franchising space, began her journey in the hotel industry. Her serendipitous encounter with the president of Citibank led her to Focus Brands, where she rapidly climbed the ranks, eventually overseeing franchise sales for Carvel ice cream on a national scale. Recognizing the lack of representation in franchising, Tarji founded The Franchise Player. Her organization aims to provide education, opportunities, and resources about franchising, particularly to the Black community. With over fifteen years of experience selling franchises for globally recognized brands, Tarji is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping others realize the potential of franchising to create generational wealth.

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