Jewish Culinary Traditions Keep Culture Alive Through Food and Storytelling

September 15, 2023
Barbara Castiglia


In recent years, there’s been a vibrant resurgence in celebrating and preserving cultural heritage. As the world becomes more interconnected, there’s a wonderful opportunity to share and relish the diverse traditions that make each culture unique. One such tradition is the rich tapestry of Jewish culinary traditions, which, much like the Rosh Hashanah celebrations, is a blend of stories, memories, history, and the hope for a sweet and bountiful future. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 72% of Jewish Americans engage in cultural activities like cooking Jewish food.

How can society ensure that these culinary traditions, deeply rooted in storytelling and family, continue to thrive for future generations?

Welcome to The Main Course, where host Barbara Castiglia engages in a delightful conversation with Amanda Dell, the Program Director of The Jewish Food Society. This episode promises a journey into the beautiful intersection of food, storytelling, and Jewish culture.

Key discussion points include:

  • The role of food in celebrating Jewish culinary traditions and culture
  • Amanda Dell’s journey from the world of hospitality to The Jewish Food Society
  • The mission and initiatives of The Jewish Food Society, especially during recent global challenges

As the Program Director of The Jewish Food Society and the podcast host of “Schmaltzy,” Amanda Dell brings a wealth of knowledge and passion. With a background in the restaurant industry, including time at the renowned Gramercy Tavern, Amanda’s dedication to preserving culinary heritage shines through. The Jewish Food Society’s efforts to archive family recipes, histories, and stories ensure these treasures remain vibrant and accessible.

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