Video Surveillance for Enhanced Security: Transforming Industries with iQTalk

February 13, 2024


How can businesses navigate the delicate balance between leveraging video surveillance for enhanced security and operational efficiency while ensuring the privacy and rights of individuals are respected? The inaugural episode of iQTalk, hosted by Gabrielle Bejarano, tackles these pressing questions with insights from John Donnelly III, the CRO of DTiQ, and Marc Litz, CEO of DTiQ. They share their expert perspectives on the evolution of video surveillance, ethical considerations, and the transformative impact of integrating technology with traditional surveillance methods to drive business growth and operational excellence.

“The reality is that you know, I think what we want to highlight is that the combination of surveillance and how it’s evolved over the years to what it is today, along with ingesting data from other systems that our customers use, it goes beyond just what people think of as, you know, kind of that negative connotation of surveillance. It’s using video and data to help you run a business and an operation at scale and help you make better business decisions,” Donnelly said.

“What we’ve been seeing, especially post-COVID with the, I shouldn’t even say the evolution of drive-thru, drive-thru has always been here, it’s just it’s a lot of the brands are doubling down on drive-thru now,” Litz said. They’re looking at how to get more throughput, whether it’s inside the store or whether it’s at the drive-thru.”

These insights underscore the potential of video surveillance technology to enhance security and foster operational improvements and customer service excellence, marking a significant shift in the perception and application of surveillance technologies in the business world.

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