DTiQ’s Busts Drive-Thru Employee for Unsanitary Practices

February 14, 2023

At a fast-food restaurant equipped with DTiQ’s cutting-edge technology, a drive-thru employee is captured on camera engaging in unsavory behavior: indulging in a customer’s meal without gloves, discarding the order receipt, and pocketing the cash. This egregious incident could have easily gone unnoticed, potentially perpetuating a culture of theft, negligence, and compromised customer satisfaction. However, thanks to DTiQ’s innovative Smart Audit system, the management swiftly becomes aware of the situation and diligently reviews the recorded footage. Beyond addressing isolated incidents, DTiQ’s comprehensive surveillance solutions contribute to fostering a culture of excellence within the industry. Employees become aware that their actions are being monitored, thereby encouraging responsible behavior, heightened professionalism, and adherence to established protocols. The result is not only a reduction in theft but also an improvement in food handling practices and overall customer satisfaction.

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