The Main Course: The Sweet Success of Gourmet Cookie Shops

June 6, 2023
Rafael Abreu


In today’s world of fast-paced culinary innovations, there’s a classic treat that remains timeless and universally loved: the cookie. Recent trends have shown a surge in gourmet cookie shops, with a particular emphasis on unique flavors and high-quality ingredients. Studies by the National Bakers Association help show how popular gourmet cookie shops continue to be among all generation of consumers. So what drives this renewed passion for a traditional dessert, and how do entrepreneurs navigate the competitive cookie landscape?

On this episode of The Main Course, host by Barbara Castiglia digs into the world of cookies and gourmet cookie shops with Courtney Cowan, the Founder & Owner of Milk Jar Cookies. Together they explore the journey of turning a childhood passion into a thriving business, the science behind the perfect cookie, and the future of cookie franchising. Topics covered in this discussion include…

– The origin story of Milk Jar Cookies and Courtney’s self-taught baking journey.
– The importance of understanding the science behind baking and how a simple ingredient like baking soda can make or break a cookie.
– The evolution of Milk Jar Cookies from a one-bedroom apartment venture to a renowned storefront on Wilshire Boulevard.

Courtney Cowan is the Founder & Owner of Milk Jar Cookies. A self-taught baker, Courtney’s love for cookies began in her childhood, with her mother introducing her to the basics of baking. Over the years, she developed her unique cookie recipes, which became a hit among friends and colleagues. With a background in English education and a stint in the television industry, Courtney combined her passion for baking and her entrepreneurial spirit to establish Milk Jar Cookies in 2013. Today, her brand stands as a testament to the potential of gourmet cookie shops.

Article by Rafael Abreu

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