Streamlining Technologies for Efficiency is Still a Challenge for Hotel Operators

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Hotel operators striving for efficiency often grapple with a myriad of challenges, particularly with integrating technologies into their operations seamlessly. This struggle stems from the historical sluggishness in adopting technological advancements, which has resulted in a disjointed array of solutions. But as hotels strive to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure staff buy-in amidst increasing competition and evolving guest expectations, the

How can hotel operators effectively streamline their operations by integrating multiple technologies into a cohesive solution?

For an Experts Talk roundtable conversation examining the hospitality industry in preparation for AAHOACON 2024, Jennifer Suski, Director of Business Development at HotelKey, shared a few thoughts on what has been communicated to her by hotel operators, and where hotels have issues streamlining multiple technologies.

Some of Suski’s key insights focused particularly on:

  • Historically, hotel operators have lagged in embracing technology, leading to a fragmented approach to implementing solutions.
  • The current scenario sees hotels employing various technologies such as Revenue Management Systems (RMS) and Property Management Systems (PMS), often independently, resulting in operational inefficiencies.
  • The primary challenge lies in consolidating these disparate technologies into a unified system that is easier to manage, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.
  • The pursuit of streamlining operations, cost-saving measures remain paramount, necessitating a solution that offers both efficiency and affordability.
  • Successfully implementing streamlined technology solutions requires garnering support from the staff, emphasizing the importance of effective change management strategies.

Additionally, hotel operators navigating the complexities of modern hospitality management, need a comprehensive approach to technology integration, according to Suski.

Article by Alexandra Simon.

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