Presco Protects: Empowering Communities in the Battle Against COVID-19

January 1, 2023

Presco stands firm in its commitment to safety, prioritizing the well-being of their community, employees, and partners during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Discover how Presco Products goes above and beyond by providing up-to-date information from credible resources and exploring innovative solutions like their safeguard drapery to support frontline heroes. For more details on their efforts, visit today.

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unlocking hotel success
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Can the secret to unlocking hotel success lie in the technological advancements available to the hospitality industry? As hotels increasingly seek technological solutions to enhance operational efficiency and guest satisfaction, the integration of Maestro PMS and Purplecloud Technologies stands out. This collaboration is pivotal when the hospitality industry is navigating post-pandemic recovery, with a…

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As the Paris Olympics draw near, the excitement is palpable not just for the sports enthusiasts but also for the travel and hospitality sectors all across Europe. The major sporting event promises a significant influx of visitors, not only to France but to neighboring countries as well, poised to experience a surge in tourism….

Sarah Dandashy talks event tourism
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During the NFL draft week in Detroit last month, the city achieved an unprecedented spike in hotel revenues, marking a significant milestone in its economic landscape. This surge is a reflection of a broader trend seen in other major cities during major events. It further demonstrates just how impactful event-driven tourism is on local…