Presco Protects: Empowering Communities in the Battle Against COVID-19

January 1, 2023

Presco stands firm in its commitment to safety, prioritizing the well-being of their community, employees, and partners during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Discover how Presco Products goes above and beyond by providing up-to-date information from credible resources and exploring innovative solutions like their safeguard drapery to support frontline heroes. For more details on their efforts, visit today.

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process innovation in hospitality
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  At a time when customer preferences are constantly shifting, process innovation in hospitality must streamline operations and create bespoke guest experiences. From the ease of mobile check-ins to the emergence of virtual concierges, hotels are embracing a tech-forward approach. Amidst this wave of change, there’s a buzz of conversations around ethical AI applications, exploring […]

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  The web browser based cloud and on-premises all-in-one property-management system for independent hotels is bringing a mature, stable, and proven property-management system with advanced, flexible technology to hotels across Europe’s northwest mainland. Markham, Ontario, October 26, 2023 — Coming off the heels of the Independent Hotel Show in London last week, Maestro PMS is […]

shared experiences
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  Recent research reveals consumers frequently prioritize shared experiences with loved ones over the quality of the experience, often leading to dissatisfaction. Notably, a study of reviews left on the interactive play Sleep No More found that despite its design for a solo experience, 25% of attendees who stayed with companions reported lower satisfaction, underscoring […]