The Need for Process Innovation in Hospitality

October 31, 2023


At a time when customer preferences are constantly shifting, process innovation in hospitality must streamline operations and create bespoke guest experiences.

From the ease of mobile check-ins to the emergence of virtual concierges, hotels are embracing a tech-forward approach. Amidst this wave of change, there’s a buzz of conversations around ethical AI applications, exploring the balance between automation and authentic human interaction.

The essence of these discussions boils down to a pivotal question: How can the hospitality industry harness the power of smart technology and AI while preserving the core values of guest satisfaction and ethical business practices?

In this installment of Conducting Conversations by Maestro PMS, host Michelle Dawn Mooney welcomes Warren Dehan, the President of Maestro PMS, and Adam Mogelonsky, a key figure at Hotel Mogel Consulting, to dissect the imperative of process innovation in hospitality today. The conversation transitions from recognizing the core of innovation to practical steps organizations can take to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Key Conversational Points:

  • Delving into the facets of process innovation and its resonance on client contentment
  • Tactics for nurturing an innovation-centric ethos within hospitality conglomerates
  • Unveiling real-world instances of innovation engendering tangible dividends in the domain

With a rich background in property management systems, Warren Dehan shares his journey of leading myriad innovation endeavors at Maestro PMS. On the flip side, Adam Mogelonsky, boasting a consultancy lineage, divulges insights from his comprehensive engagements with various hotels aimed at elevating operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

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